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We are black, bold, intrepid highly passionate and a very business minded group of oil-loving geeks, change makers, doers and liquid retailers who are obsessed with good service and customer relations. Being the highly passionate group of oil-loving geeks that we are, we realised long ago that our talent and expertise would be wasted if all we did was to offer customers a platform on which to receive and enjoy good services by offering good quality products.

We are a lucrative group to partnership with. We are constantly imagining development and refining new ideas and deliverables with the aim to grow new customers, maintain and defend existing customers and build communities and generate revenues.


A significant step was taken by the company to consolidate its operations as well as to improve its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) profile. Kwenta Group has a Level 1 B-BBEE certification from Muthelo-BEE.

In reflecting the true nature of the Group and its evolving values in a rapidly developing environment, the company revamped its look by adding 2 new directors. The Group is 100% black women owned, 80% owned by Nawaal Motlekar (Mdluli) and 20% owned by the two sisters Nozipho and Tumi Mdluli


Our Dedicated Team