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  • In our ongoing efforts to meet our customer’s needs and building on the success of our oil retail house, and expand its footprint in Gauteng in particular. The one stop shop should be a meaningful one to all our customers who wants a super value for money at our service stations. It could be for fresh clean restrooms, a decadent meal that goes with a awesome cup of coffee. Your fuel service will be one of the best services that calls for a come back for more…

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Since day one we have been driven to make their
decision a no-brainer.

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About Us

Kwenta Group was established in 2004 with the aim of transforming the landscape of the liquids industry. We were patient to learn and have a clear understanding of the oil and gas industry which has a very low number of women as shareholders.

Our involvement in other business sectors like mining, printing, construction and media fuelled the passion of oil as a business. Three years ago, as three sisters we birthed the idea and concept and worked towards the realisation of our vision. We want to penetrate a male dominated industry and create our own business mark.

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This is our Vision To be the first and lead. Mission To continuously deliver exellence and getting things done.